Fancy Dress

The pub in the village in France is owned by close friends of ours (a lot as happened since we bought the holiday home) they are the hub of the village, it does help that they are in the middle of the village too just underneath the chateau, 

It’s a proper French pub, even though the residents on the site use it, it is used by the locals too, bar snacks and entertaining nights, we have had plenty of locks in over there, and kev loves the karaoke, 

The first fancy dress party we went to tteee was New Year’s Eve 2016, we just went out to local shops to buy an of the peg outfit, kev was a roman and I was dressed in ladenhosen, all fabric, no leather! Plus it was -6 outside, 

On a drunken night there is and the owners decided to host a burlesque night in the summer, for women this is easy, tons of outfits available, for blokes it’s not so easy, you can go 2 ways, either the traditional brown trousers, white vest and braces, or trousers and a waistcoat, or you go the complete opposite and dress like a whore! 

Gone through various ideas, bought a load of crap from eBay and I think I have my outfit, white shirt red jacket, thigh high boots with heels, fishnets, suspenders and red shorts, think about a manly circus master meets a prositute and you get the idea, gay men like it, women like it, just need a straight bloke to tell me their opinion, so apply within, it’s funny, I wouldn’t dare to dress like that I’m the UK, but France I’m on with it, kev has bought a leather kilt, and will have braces, he’s still deciding on what tops though, 

Then there’s the Halloween fancy dress party they are having, I haven’t decided yet, but I did buy a superman morph suit from eBay the other day which fits me, but not kev, 

And while typing this, just got a what’s app from the owners to say when we are over there next they having a hawaian night! 

My live is so exciting!! 

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