Signing the contract 

We took a shit load of photos and took measurements for everything, the place didn’t need anything apart from bedding, but we wanted to change certain bits, and the sofa fabric matched the curtains and the bed speed, it was awful, plus as we live in a flat, Kev was very happy to get a garden to call his, 

We had about 5 weeks before the trip over, so we got things ready, packed up a few nik naks, we had a nice crockery set, now there’s a story there, I wanted to get a little tea set, tea pot, cups and saucers etc, well down our road we have a few second hand shops, we went to one and asked nick what he had, he came back with a box of Royal Limoges tea set, the whole lot £75, so we bought it, when we got home we started to unpack, it was very very French, gold rimmed edges, and very gay, it was a full 12 piece setting, apparently it was a wedding service but the wedding never went ahead, so we took half of that to France, decided to pop to ikea to buy a couple of pieces. 

£498 later, we had stocked up, and didn’t forget the tea lights, there was a sale down the road selling off cuts of carpets, the bedroom sizes were perfect so we bought two for £5 each, ordered a rug from amazon and Kev ordered a gazebo, 

We packed he car including roof rack and drove to France, getting the keys and signing the contract was very quick and simple, we got to know Joan and Pete a lot more, and the French twat was still running the bar, so after a long weekend away we closed down the van for the winter as we knew we wouldn’t be over again until Easter. 

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