IBS issues

One of the symptoms of fibromyalgia is IBS, I'm lucky I've only got it quite mildly. But from time to time I get issues from it plus bloating and constipation. So after a couple of days of constipation I knew I needed to do something about it, anyway my friend Ant who suffers quite badly with IBS has said that peppermint is very good, and they are these pills you can get from the chemist, just take two and it will work and it's no where as bad as other stuff. So I took two of these peppermint pills early evening, even though I still couldn't go, it did help with the pain.

So of to bed I go, taken my sleeping pill, didn't feel so bloated, so all good, as I lay in bed all comfy I did a little cough. However with that little cough, I shat myself, shay myself, the bed, everything, it was like a fucking bomb going off.

I still have the peppermint pills in the drawer. Only to be used in emergencies, or if someone comes round that I don't like.

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