About two weeks ago we were told that we had a meeting along with a training day along with blood test, now with work I had to have my hep b test etc as I work in a Hospital, but never had any other test, so the latest test includes everything, including HIV, now being a gay man, I know about HIV I have friends who are positive, I had a friend die of aids back in the early 90’s, but I’ve never had a test, I know, I know, but always been careful, but you never know. So I was basically shitting myself. So last Friday was the day, I put on a brave face, my friend always jokes that I have aids because I’m gay, and he also says that he will get it cause he sits next to me, (it’s done in a joking way, you know the more hurtful you are to someone the better, cause you are friends)

So Tuesday this week, a work colleague got an email saying she wasn’t immune to chicken pox, I went to boot up the nearest computer and logged in, everything from my blood test came back clear, it was great. Felt like celebrating, but I know not to be scared of blood test in the future, even though I’ve been having a full blood count blood test every 6 months for my fibromyalgia, but that doesn’t include HIV.

Plus between having the test and finding out the results, my manager told me she wants to me to go up a band, and maybe do a degree. In my head all I was thinking is the blood test is going to be a stop to that. So all good, and at 45 years old, I maybe starting university!

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