So, I’m Rob, hubby is Kev, been together 18 years, married for 10 years this year, decided to do a blog for various reasons, main one is we bought a holiday hole in France, and it’s one of those things explaining to people about life over there, and someone said write a blog, so here it is, also, I have my own unique views on life in general, and sometimes I think I need to get them out there, I suffer from M.E or CFS, depending on what people understand more, been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but personally I don’t believe that, more on that later, Kev’s got a massive family, 2 kids from previous marriage, and lots of brothers and sisters, I’ve got the worlds smallest family, with just my sister, sister in law and 3 nephews, who to be honest hardly see, lots of history there! Live in the New Forest, holiday home in Vendee France, 3 cats, I work in hospital theatre and kev runs a nursing home care agency, well that’s a bit of a background anyway, ta very much 

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